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4 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Fall

Summers in Oklahoma can be unbearable, we should all be ready for some cooler weather. With cold around the corner, is your roof ready? Here’s a list for your roof to prepare for those chilly and downright cold days.

1. Gutter Cleaning
When the leaves in your gutter get wet and freeze, they can potentially expand and push moisture and junk under your shingles. This can cause wood rot, shingle failure, etc. that can be VERY costly down the road. Call our Tulsa Roofing Company or Tulsa Roof Company if you think your roof needs an inspection.

2. Be Aware Of Your Roof’s Surroundings
One of the number one reasons a roof gets damaged in the winter time is limbs falling or hitting your shingles. Even a small limb can pose a huge hazard if it damages the shingle and allows Roof Leaks under and cause damage. If you choose to get up on your roof, check for deterioration everywhere. How’s your chimney? What about vent stacks and skylights? Any moss or algae? Rusty flashing? Soil stack? Downspouts okay? Any missing shingles? A Plus Tulsa Roof Replacement company can come out for a free inspection.

3. Secure your roof
If you see potential things that need attention, know that Tulsa Roof Company work on all types of roofing: asphalt, tile and slate, even metal—whether you need a simple patch or a brand-new one. A Plus Roofing (Tulsa Roof Repair) can inspect your Tulsa Metro commercial or residential roof for free.