Tulsa RV Parks

What makes a good RV park?

What makes a good RV park? Great RV parks create a community feel. Each space has a private feel with a bit of distance between you and your neighbor. Trees are an important feature, as is grass and individual parking pads. The whole purpose of owning a recreational vehicle is to connect with nature.

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Tulsa Trailers For Sale

Is a utility trailer a good investment?

Depending on the size, a utility trailer can have many uses. You can haul mowing equipment and other lawn tools. You can also transport recreational equipment like ATVs or even small vehicles. Utility trailers are great for hauling furniture, construction supplies and even trash or debris. With proper maintenance and care your trailer should provide years of service.

Starlite Trailers in Tulsa OK proudly operates with over 40 years experience in producing Flatdeck Trailers, Tulsa Trailers, Car Haulers and Auto Haulers, Single Axle Utility Trailers, as well as a Single Axle Trailer and Tandem Axle Utility Trailers. We back every trailer that we produce, including our single axle trailers with a full one year warranty. Starlite’s experience allows them to produce trailers with quality that is second to none. We are THE Tulsa Trailers For Sale pros! Give us a call today for great Tulsa Trailers For Sale service!

Custom Horse Stalls

What is best bedding for horse stalls?

What is best bedding for horse stalls? Straw. Straw comes from cereal grains such as wheat, barley and oat, with wheat being the most common type that is used for stall bedding. Although straw may not be as absorbent as wood based products such as shavings or wood pellets, it is still a good bedding choice for your horse.

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Tulsa Landscapers

How to Prepare Your Lawn & Garden for Spring in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Do some cleaning.

The first step to prepping your lawn for spring is to clean up the leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered over the winter. Rakes work, but air blowers are even easier. “Debris can get stuck in your lawn mower, and it will block fertilizers and other materials from being properly absorbed by the lawn,” Laflamme says.

  1. Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer.

Early in spring, use a combination of fertilizer, which feeds your grass, and pre-emergent, an herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Then, six to eight weeks later, apply both products again, along with a broadleaf weed killer. “You don’t want to let crabgrass come up or you’ll be fighting it all season,” Laflamme says. He notes that many lawn care brands offer a combination of pre-emergent and weed killer in one application, which will lower your cost and the time it takes to apply them.

  1. Mow early, mow often.

One of the big mistake’s homeowners make is only mowing once a week in the spring. “If you let the grass grow too high and then cut it, it stunts the roots so they can’t reproduce properly,” he warns. Instead, mow every five days for the first six weeks of spring, depending on the weather, to ensure a thicker, fuller lawn.

  1. Pick a good, heavy mulch.

Once your lawn is cared for, edge out your beds, trim back dead branches on shrubs and replace the mulch. Laflamme prefers hardwood bark mulches over ground wood chips that have been dyed brown. “They look better, and they last longer.”

  1. Trim the trees.

“It’s hard to tell if a tree has dead branches unless you get up into it,” Laflamme says. If dead branches are left untended, they can fall, causing property damage and potential injury. Consider hiring a tree trimmer to do a “safety prune” once every three years — ideally before the leaves come out, when it’s easier to see the condition of the branches.

  1. Don’t seed until fall.

It’s tempting to fill brown patches with grass seed, but if you are also applying pre-emergent or weed killer, the seeds won’t germinate. Instead, fertilize the lawn, and in a few weeks, shoots will grow and fill in the brown spots, Laflamme says. “If the brown patches are too big, or you just can’t wait, sod is the better option.”

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Fiber Optic Tools

Budco Cable and Fiber Optic Tools

Fiber optic cable transmits large amounts of data at extremely high speed using light. Uses for fiber optic cable include telecommunications over long distances as well as connecting rooms or offices with high-speed data. Working with fiber optic cable requires the right tools for the job. sells the fiber optic tools, cable tools and cable reel trailers to handle all your job requirements. carries major brands like Greenlee Tools, Jameson Tools, Klein Cable Tools, Lemco Cable Tools and Sargent Cable Tools. Give budcocable a call today!

Cajun / Seafood Restaurant

Discover Hebert’s!

When it comes to Cajun cooking, whether you’re a displaced Louisianan or just have a hankering for some real down-home food from Cajun Country, we’ve got you covered here at Hebert’s Specialty Meats. Cajun Ed’s brings you the original Hebert’s (say “A-Bears”) Specialty Meats and other delicacies just like you’d find in New Orleans, only better. This is real Cajun food made by real Cajun folks, and includes:

  • Cajun specialty meats & fowl stuffed with a wide variety of traditional Cajun ingredients
  • Crawfish, meat, and shrimp – stuffed puff pastry pies
  • Gumbos of every type
  • Boudin balls and links
  • Etouffee
  • Steaks, burgers, and a dozen types of sausage
  • World famous Turduckens for sale

Hebert’s Specialty Meats offers Cajun food delivery plus a meal delivery service of prepared meals. Whether you’re planning a party, a holiday dinner or just want something adventurous and incredibly delicious for a family meal, try us once and you’ll be hooked. We guarantee it! You may never want to cook for yourself again! For a great night of dining checkout our Tulsa Cajun / Seafood Restaurant! Come and check out our Tulsa Cajun Restaurant. We are the best Tulsa Cajun Restaurant around! We also offer Alligator Meat For Sale!

Supermarket Plans

What is Supermarket Services?

Founded in 1996, Supermarket Services Company was created to provide sales and installation of reach-in and walk-in freezers and coolers to the supermarket and convenience store industries. They also specialize in supermarket plans, Grocery Store Design and Convenience Store Plans.

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Drum Tools

What does BA-Industrial Do?

Since 1992, a division of B&A Products, has offered a full line of industrial containers and accessories including: 3 ply disposable face mask for sale. They also provide stackable and non stacking IBC tanks and totes, plastic and steel drums and barrels, IBC stacking, buckets and pails, plastic bottles and jars, metal cans, bung wrenches, paint cans, overseals and clips, 4G shipping enclosures, drum liners, drum deheader, drum covers, drum trucks and dollies, drum lifter, shipping supplies and more. When you call an actual person will answer the phone! Check out our website or feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.


Tulsa Tornado Shelters

What is a FEMA approved safe room?

Safe rooms are structures that are engineered to give occupants a very high probability of protection from serious injury or death caused by  an extreme weather event like a tornado or hurricane. These rooms should meet FEMA standards for safe rooms. Keep this in mind when choosing the right company to build your safe room. You want to make sure you get the best product for your money. Your safety certainly depends on it. has been building the best Tulsa Safe Rooms and Tulsa Tornado Shelters in the business for over half a century. When choosing Tulsa Safe Rooms and Tulsa Tornado Shelters Hausner’s is the company you can trust! We are the Tulsa, Oklahoma storm shelters, Storm Shelters Tulsa, OKC Safe Rooms, OKC Tornado Shelters, OKC Storm Shelters pros! Give them a call today. You’ll be glad you did.


Scaffolding Rental

Freedom Scaffold Now Serves Arkansas!

Freedom Scaffold has enjoyed great success in the 60 years we have been in business. Our success is attributed to our excellent customer service and safety record. We have always excelled in providing scaffolding sales and rentals to our customers and our growing sales and repeat customer business is a testament to that. We are a dependable, courteous, professional company that strives every day to please our customers by providing the best in scaffolding.
Now we are so pleased to announce that we also offer scaffolding sales and rentals to Arkansas! Contact us today and find out what our customers have been experiencing when they hire our company. You’ll see why we have so many repeat and referral customers. We will provide great Fayetteville Scaffolding Rental, Springdale Scaffolding, Rogers Scaffolding Rental to our fine Arkansas customers! For great Fayetteville Scaffolding Rental, Springdale Scaffolding, Rogers Scaffolding Rental service give us a call today!